Humble Hearts

Humble Hearts

Meet, Eat, and Raise Funds

Raise goodwill funds for your favorite cause



Here are the Steps

1) Choose your 510 (c)(3) non-profit

charity or organization.

2) Download and complete the Humble
Hearts event application and W-9 form.




3) Call and schedule an appointment with the GM at your preferred Humble Pie location. Confirm event date availability, time and estimated number of guests.

4) Download and fill-out the invitation flyer. Include your organization’s name, Humble Pie location, date and time of your event.


5) Distribute your invitation flyers ( print or email ) and promote your event 2 to 3 weeks prior to event date. Be sure to inform your guest that flyers must be presented to your server on day of event.

* A percentage of the participating guests’ check proceeds will be donated to your charity (excluding tax and gratuity). Guests must bring in this flyer in order for donation proceeds to be honored and distributed to charity. It’s the sole responsibility of the organizing representative to maintain the integrity and promotion of the event, ensuring regular Humble Pie guests are not solicited to participate in the fund raiser and only members of the organization are solicited. This event is only subject to cancellation prior to distribution of flyers. Once flyers have been distributed, Humble Pie will honor them. Flyers must NOT be distributed at the restaurant during your event. Humble Pie agrees to donate a percentage of the total net sales from purchases made by supporters of your organization when they present the Humble Hearts flyer during your designated event. No coupons, discounts or other offers are valid during your Humble Hearts event. No guarantees, warranties, insurances or deals of any kind are made by either party as to the success of the event. Humble Pie receipts cannot be use for a personal or corporate charitable tax deduction.